Super LED Systems

Super LED Systems


We have been using SUPER LED diodes in the field of advertising since the day the company was established. Over the years we have gained valuable experience, owing to which we were able to start our own production of ready-made modules and semi-finished products. Moreover, we provide comprehensive services that enable our customers to use our electroluminescent diodes as efficiently as possible. We offer innovative and reliable technical solutions not only in the field of advertising in a broader sense, but also in lighting technology and other uses of light.

We are aware of the problems connected with using diodes, but we also know the strong points of these modern sources of light. Our steadily growing team, joined by more and more well-educated employees, is able to handle any problem that can occur in the project stage or in the event of atypical application. That is why we can meet our customers’ special requirements by providing special solutions and technical assistance.

Our range of SUPER LED modules is growing wider with each passing year. We use most modern technologies, thus retaining the highest quality and reliability of our products.

We fit our modules with current regulators, enabling us to precisely regulate power in the electroluminescent diodes. This allows for the diodes to remain in constant conformation to the parameters recommended by their manufacturer, as a result of which we guarantee you that you will enjoy the long durability of our modules. We use PCB boards, as well as a technology that lowers the voltage of the diode as the temperature around it grows.