Roller Laminator

Roller Laminator

The main task of the JetMounter 63” laminator is to overlaminate both ink jet and solvent prints. Due to its simple construction and user-friendliness, even the most demanding work turns to pleasure.  Heated up to 120 degrees Celsius, the roller renders more plasticity to the glue in the laminate, which allows for significantly better end results.

The machine features a roll-to-roll laminating system and a rewinding system. Its simple, proven construction eliminates the risk of failures and enables uninterrupted work, this being a key issue with regard to lamination. The machine’s laminating width of 1630 mm allows to fully exploit the width of the media available on the market.

With a 50 mm clearance between the rollers, it is also possible to laminate materials such as foamcore, PMMA and PVC.


Technical specifications:

  • Top roller temperature: 120 degrees C
  • Speed range: 0.5 mpm – 10 mpm
  • Maximum laminating width: 1630 mm
  • Maximum media thickness: 50 mm
  • Roll-to-roll system
  • Affixing: yes
  • Encapsulation: yes
  • Lamination: yes