Machinery Park

Machinery Park


Our first bigger acquisition was the MegaCut milling machine. One can state that by purchasing it, we became capable of producing any type of indoor (illuminated) and outdoor advertisements, such as boards and displays.

Soon after, the Tiara Opal II large format solvent printer became part of our equipment. Since then, ultra-large printings have been no more an issue for us.

We constantly keep on developing our technical facilities, especially our production hall, equipping it recently with a press brake and a guillotine shearing machine. Both of them are microprocessor-controlled, which is why we produce our advertisements with highest accuracy. In our hall you can also find several other machines, e.g. a heat sealer or MIG/MAG and TIG welders, the last of whom enables the production of maximum quality welds.

By keeping up with the news and trends, we are constantly trying to make our collection of equipment grow more and more numerous.