Illuminated Advertising

Illuminated Advertising


Lighting visualization is the best way to highlight the value of your company and to improve its image. The aim of illuminated advertisements is to ensure the best contact with your customer, as they draw attention and stand out in the urban space

Our company uses the ultra-modern Super LED technology, allowing us to put even the most unique ideas into practice.

These can assume the form of:

Illuminated dimensional letters:

This is one of the most frequently ordered types of illuminated advertising. The letters are made of acrylic glass and aluminium and are up to 450 cm. The acrylic glass of which our dimensional letters are made is stained, by which means their faces are better lit. In addition to that, we provide our dimensional letters with modern Super LED diode modules. .

Advertising panels:

A very attractive type of advertising, they mesmerize customers with their display of light and colours. We are capable of producing custom-made advertising panels of any shape, using any technical solution available. We install single- and double-sided advertising panels directly on building walls or on supports. Their appearance gives huge visual opportunities when translucent and transparent foils are used, as well photographic overprinting.


We specialize in the production of double-sided advertising pylons made of sectional steel, with their front faces made of acrylic sheet. Illuminated pylons are one of the most frequently used types of outdoor advertisements. Their size, construction, impressive appearance and capability to communicate information make them extremely popular.