Heating Stage

Heating Stage

The modular construction of the heating stages enables the user to compose the machine so that it meets his requirements and that maximum performance is achieved.

In order to enlarge the heating surface when bending larger radiuses, the machine can be reset within a few seconds. Furthermore, it is possible to replace the top heater with a heating blade for welding PE or PP panels by bending in almost no time.

The basic model consists of a device for the bottom heater with adjustable height, a heating width adjustment, a digital temperature controller for the bottom and top heater, a digital time switch for sequence control with audible alarm and a hoisting motor for adjusting the height of the top heater, including a foot switch.

Technical specifications:

  • Model: HBR 300
  • Maximum working width: 3000 mm
  • Maximum panel thickness: 20 mm
  • Machine width: 3700 mm
  • Machine length: 800 mm
  • Machine height: 750 mm
  • Work stage height: 500 mm