Cutting Plotter

Cutting Plotter

SummaCut D120 is characteristic for its working area of 122 cm and first-rate parameters and performance. The knife pressure of 400 g guarantees a very long lifespan of the knives, even when cutting stone.

By D120’s capabilities of reducing redundant head movements and smoothing imperfections by way of special algorithms together with included WinPlot software, operations such as transforming, scaling, grouping and panelling are significantly facilitated.

SummaCut plotters feature the OPTICUT technology, trademarked by the company Summa. Its purpose is to eliminate flaws as the knives become subject to wear. The plotters are fitted with a RS-232S port, a High-Speed USB, a stand and a system of feeding media from the sheet and the roll.

Technical specifications:

  • Media width: 12 – 137 cm
  • Maximum cutting width: 1200 mm
  • Media thickness: 0.05 – 0.25 mm (0.75 mm, with an optional sandblast knife)